Brazil Baixadao


Región: Mantiqueira
Dedina: Bairro Vargem Alegre
Mesto: Cristina South of Minas Gerais
Farmár: Fábio Júnior da Silva
Nadmorská vyška: 1200 – 1350 m.n.m.
Variety: Yellow and Red Catuai, Red Acaia
Praženie: Filter
Tasting profile: Papaya, Mango, Ripe orange
Veľkosť: 226g
Obsah balenia: zrnková káva


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Fábio Júnior da Silva, he is an enthusiastic and bright young man, at 22 years of age (2018), has a potential of growing specialty coffee because all around him are top growers and also, they are all family, from his father to his uncles that produces one of the best quality coffees in the region. For example in 2014 his father Antonio Marcio da Silva joined his brother Sebastião Afonso da Silva entered a national competition (BSCA) with their Yellow Catuai natural scoring 95.18 points, the highest score in coffee history plus they won the Brazilian Specialty Naturals Competition. In 2016 Fábio’s father Antonio Marcio da Silva passed the coffee plantation to him and today he has improved and increased the harvest production from that inheritance. In 2018 Fábio was the first in the family to export to Europe with his Yellow Catuaí natural scoring 90+ points.


Coffee processing system:

The harvest is selective, performed when the fruits are very mature, being performed manually on the cloth, avoiding the contact of the grains with the soil. On the same day it is harvested, the coffee is placed in sacks and transported to the on-site processing center. Then, the coffee is washed, in this process also the separation of the Cherries occurs, it is dried in a cement courtyard (Terreiros) if necessary, it is passed to the dryer in the final stage of drying to reach the ideal humidity. After drying, the coffee is taken to the wooden bins for a period of at least 40 days to rest.



For Mr. Fábio Júnior da Silva as you can see at 22, the future is bright and promising, following the footsteps of his father and his uncles. He is aiming to buy more land and make specialty coffee plantation his living for years to come.


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